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07-13 6.0L Ultimate Full AFM Delete Kit

07-13 6.0L Ultimate Full AFM Delete Kit

I have taken special care to come up with a kit including ALL parts needed to delete AFM in your GM V8 truck. I have had enough request now that I feel it's time to do so. This is not your average AFM delete kit with the bare minimum parts. I will be including all the parts every other place does but I won't stop there. I will also include things like spark plugs, manifold bolts, HD timing chain, Timing damper to eliminate the tensioner, Oil pan gasket and more. See the full list below for more details. Don't forget to check all options availible. For now I will only offer this for the 07-13 and non-Direct injection 5.3L and 6.0L engine. Future other options comming soon.


Aditional Info

The reason I am including the oil pan gasket assortment is to do the timing chain and damper at the same time as solving other common oil pressure and leak issues. I found it optimal to pull the oil pan while doing this job to fix the oil sump leak issue, the common oil pan gasket leak and it makes doing the timing components so much easier. I would also cosider checking for engine and transmission oil cooler line leaks. The best time to replace those is with the oil pan off. You will have to source those elswhere though since there are too many options for me to bother with at this time. You may notice I didn't includ an intake gasket, this is because typically speaking they are reuasble. You will have to check the condition of yours. Check my other products for add ons like intake gaskets, pushrods ETC.


If you need help determining whether or not you have VVT feel free to ask. Otherwise all you really need to do is look behind the water pump at the timing cover. A VVT cover has a large bump out that comes close to the water pump. The NON-VVT cover is mostly flat except where the balancer area is because there is a oil pump under it.


Don't forget to have AFM disabled in the tune. I recomend for this service.


Best of luck on your project and hopefully it all goes smoothly!!


Shipping only for USA customers. If outside the USA you need to Message me so I can find Rates.

  • Included Parts

    Basic Things

    -NON AFM camshaft

    -NON AFM Valley Cover

    -NON AFM Lifter Guides

    -x16 NON AFM lifters

    -Camshaft TTY bolt/Valve VVT depending

    -Balancer TTY Bolt

    -Valve Cover Gasket

    -Head Bolts

    -Head Gaskets

    -Timing Cover Gasket Kit

    -Exhaust Manifold Gasket

    Often Not Included Elswhere

    -Camshaft Plate w/gasket

    -Valve Stem Seals

    -Sparke Plugs

    -Manifold Bolt Kit

    -HD Timing Chain

    -Timing Damper (Replaces Tensioner)

    -Oil pan gasket Kit (includes Sump O-ring and cooler adapter gasket)

    -Oil Filter

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