Premium Lifter Release Tool

Premium Lifter Release Tool

SKU: cpr-007

This tool has an exceptional release capabiltiy. I have added a extra heat treating process to this tool. The idea comes from a vehicle that I was unable to release the lifter with the standard tool, I figured there was too much engery being wasted do to how soft the steel is. This gave me the idea to harden the center of the tool while leaving the ends softer by doing so it will transfer more shock/energy through the tool rather than loosing some into the tool. 2018+ vehicles equipped with DFM have not been tried yet. If ordering a VLOM plug, it will not work with 2018+ DFM equipped vehicles.


Disclaimer: The lifter release trick will not work if V4 mode is still active. In order to shut the system off it must be disabled in the tune. The VLOM mod is also highly recommended.


The tool is made of softer steel to protect the lifter and the block. If you hit it sidways, just like a nail it could bend though is less likely with premium tool. The ends of the tool will need to be reshaped for stubborn lifters or use on multiple vehicles. The end has been anealed so it is still soft. It can be reshaped easily with grinder or file. Just try to avoid the spot that directly contures to the side of the lifter.


For video description see link below