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Jun 04, 2021
Hello, I bought a few weeks ago a GMC Sierra 1500 WT 2008 with 116000 miles on it. You’ve probably find out already that if I’m here it’s because I got the terrible noise of a stuck lifter and Traction Control + Stabilitrac lights and messages were coming up on the dash. A friend told me to do a motor flush which I did but it didn’t fix anything. I got a P0306 so I’m pretty sure that your release tool will fix the issue. The thing is, I’m living in Quebec and don’t feel like sending my ECU to be tuned because this is a budget truck. Since I’ve got a few other codes (P0036, P0141,P1175,C0561), I’m thinking about fixing the lifter issue first and either use the brake boost sensor trick or a Range AFM disabler. My questions are : since I’m not going to tune my ECU, do I need the VLOM Plug ? Is it ok to release then use a Range AFM disabler ? Like I said, it’s a budget truck so if it’s going to cost me too much, I’ll probably just resell the truck :/ Thanks a lot for your videos, very instructive.


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