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Pete Bauer MN
Jan 14, 2022
In General Discussion
Hello - really just dropped onto this forum to say Thank You for putting such informative videos up. I do have a question about my suburban, maybe more preventative than not. It's a 2012 Suburban 5.3 with DOD etc. It currently has around 165k on it. Overall it's been really reliable - it's used as both my daily commuter as well as my hunting / up north boat hauler. It's always used some oil and I think I'm going to pull the valve cover after watching one of your videos to see if I can curb some of that usage. One question I do have related to the valves (I think...). It's always been a quiet motor with no 'ticking' however after my last trip to South Dakota hunting a couple weeks ago, it's developed a quiet, but noticeable tick. This trip was over New Years and was very cold, the suburban did a lot of idling to keep my dogs warm in the evenings. Is this something I should just wait and see if it gets worse? Most people (if they're not listening for it), probably wouldn't notice the ticking however I do as it wasn't there before. It's nothing like some of the loud ticks in your videos, but I'd prefer it not get that bad... I hope to drive this suburban for 300k+ Any other maintenance I could do/should do to set myself up for long term success? Thanks!
Pete Bauer MN

Pete Bauer MN

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