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Tim Nelson Greer
Sep 18, 2022
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First off, another big thanks to Charles for all his detailed information and helping out. I never would have thought I could have fixed this issue on my own and after a bad month and finding myself unemployed its been a major relief. I'm currently just running a range disabler for now, I did the VLOM mod as well. Have been driving for a week with no ticking/misfiring/check engine lights. Seems to be running good other than a very subtle rough idle as well as my oil pressure seems to be constantly changing at idle. I'm thinking maybe my oil pressure sensor is buggered or the the VLOM plug I made didn't seat all the way in or fit tight enough inside and I'm getting random readings. No clue though. I've done a few oil changes in the past week trying to clean up some sludge and it seems to be worse for a day or two after an oil change then eventually the oil pressure gauge doesn't dance around so much but still does. This is all new since freeing the lifter/putting everything back together so I'm suspecting it was something I did. There was one moment at idle when I was running the truck with the valve cover off to look at the rockers that it had a heavy misfire( almost like it was about to stall for a brief moment) I was worried something got damaged then it threw a P0171. I'm now tackling a motor mount on the driver side and am wondering if anyone has ever replaced one on their own and have any tips? I am seeing videos of guys lifting the engine up by jacking the oil pan with a piece of wood protecting the pan. Seems guys are able to wiggle it out without pulling too much off. In my case I have the driveshaft (4x4) right in the way of the bolts on to the engine from below. So I'm thinking of removing the driver side wheel and trying to get at those bottom bolts with a long extension/ujoint. I'd like to try and tackle this on my own cause a shop quoted me 11 hours for both sides.
Tim Nelson Greer

Tim Nelson Greer

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