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Already Modified VLOM

Already Modified VLOM

SKU: cpr-005

A VLOM that I have modified to be capable of driving to your local speed shop for a tune. I will refund $80 when I recieve your old VLOM as a core, unless it takes 3 or more months to get the VLOM core back to me. Then there will be a drop in core return amount with every month past 3 months. This is a used modified VLOM that is for those who are using a shop that is not willing to or confortable doing the modifaction themselfs. 2005-2013 only, Does not work with direct injection.

Note: This is a modified light weight version for the sake of shipping. It will still work for driving to a tuner if you need to.


Video description of the tool can be found in the link below


  • Core Required

    Please send your old VLOM back in the original box to receive a credit for the core.

  • Disclaimer

    By purchasing this item you are acknowledging that it is for off road use only and you are accepting all responsibility of any emissions related legal issues.

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