Lifter Release Kit    (Comes with VLOM Plug)

Lifter Release Kit (Comes with VLOM Plug)

SKU: cpr-003

Comes with lifter release tool and the plug to block off the oil port in the VLOM, it also includes a sheet on how to install the VLOM plug on 2005-2014 models. It can also be used on all newer models up to 2018 but instruction sheet doesn't cover the direct injected engines. 2018+ vehicles equipped with DFM have not been tried yet.


For information on the VLOM mod see this video.


Disclaimer: The lifter release trick will not work if V4 mode is still active. In order to shut the system off it must be disabled in the tune. The VLOM mod is also highly recommended.


For more information

The main release video I use this kit in:


Description of Tool:

Description of VLOM Plug:

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