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Pushrod Upgrade

Pushrod Upgrade

This is a pushrod upgrade for those having or concerned about having a bent pushrod issue. It is a slightly smaller diameter then stock with a much heavier .080in wall made from 4130 chromoly. This will reduce risk of interferance while being stronger then stock. This applies to 2014+ direct injected GM LT based V8 engines. From 2014-2017 they are equiped with AFM and have 8 AFM lifters. Those from 2018+ might be equiped with DFM. If you have DFM you should replace all 16 Pushrods. Those with AFM can get by with only 8 Pushrods for the 4 AFM cylinders. You can replace all 16 if you prefer. Each set includes 16 pushrods. I offer Full Kit of 16, Half Kit of 8, a set of 4 (in case you only want to do one side on AFM engine), a pair (in case you only want to do single cylinder), and a single for those who only want one pushrod. It his highly recommended you replace all pushrods to avoid any future failures. These puchrods are originally designed for use in high performance aplications and thus should have no issue's in a stock applicaion. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.

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