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Rewards For Return Customer

Iv'e added some new rewards to return customers with different gradients of rewards. The more you save up the bigger the discount. With every dollar you spend you receive 10 points. Rewards start at 500 points. Every 500 points you earn gets you 1 dollar off. Once you have accumulated 2500 points you receive 10% off of a purchase. If you make it to 5000 points you get 20% off of a purchase. The more you buy the bigger the discount. Especially when buying VLOM plugs. You can use the quantity discount that comes with the VLOM plugs and this should be able to compound to it. If you do end up using the points please let me know how easy it was to achieve. I have yet to see how easy it is to use and it's something kept track of via my website provider. I will continue to add more to this system with time in hopes to give the best deals possible to return customers!!

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