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The Build

Well, I have been a busy bee. I've been changing all the driveline fluids, I pulled the gas tank down and I'm preparing for a fuel pump upgrade, I cut up the exhaust and I'm preparing for upgrades, reinforced the receiver hitch, replaced transmission lines, added engine oil cooler with a thermostat for the engine oil, prepared a brake line and a bunch more things. I really wish I had time to make a video series out of this.

As for the engine, I do have most of the parts, the crankshaft should be here Wednesday. Hopefully it's the correct one. Once it's here I'll get it balanced and do a video or live stream of assembly and cover details on what I have done with it. I have added a picture of the cam card for the engine nerds viewing this. Keep in mind while looking at the cam card, this is a NA big stroke small bore towing fuel economy build for now. In the future I plan to transplant this and add boost. (LS swap project anyone?)

I believe this cam should meet my needs perfectly.

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